Technological Strength

Technological Strength

We early adopt cargo tanks made with high-quality stainless, and are proud of our chemical tankers with it. We also get support from the ship owners both domestically and internationally with our technology, in which we take pride as world-leading.

Upper Deck Cargo Manifold Captain’s Cabin Wheelhouse Cargo Tanks Cargo Control Room Engine Room

Upper Deck

The pipes and many equipment (hull fittings) are installed densely like a mesh of a net.

Cargo Manifold

Cargo manifold is the position which the ship connects to the land facilities to transfer liquid cargo, and it appears our technology.

Captain’s Cabin

Capt’s cabin is the room for the captain who is the general manager of the ship. It is equipped with a meeting room and telecommunication devices and secured spacious space. 


Wheelhouse is the room which is installed nautical instruments and radio devices for steering the ship and it plays a role as the general control room in the navigation.

Cargo Tanks

Cargo tanks are the compartments to load liquid cargoes such as chemical products. It is made with stainless-steel for the carriage of various types of products.

Cargo Control Room

Cargo control room is the room where crews can control the pumps for discharging cargo, and monitor temperatures and pressures in the cargo tanks.

Engine Room

The propulsion equipment such as engine, generator and the parts associated with them are located effectively in limited space.