Main Product

Main Product

Chemical Tanker

Since our company was established in 1947, we have constructed several types of ships, such as Cement Carrier, LPG Carrier and Reefer.
In particular, Chemical Tanker was first delivered in 1973, and we have constructed it constantly. Today, it has become the Flagship for our company. We hereby introduce our products with their pictures.

N-2093 47,000DWT (Methanol Tanker)

N-2092 36,000DWT

N-2070 33,000DWT

N-2080 25,000DWT

F-1338 19,900DWT

F-1326 16,000DWT

F-1285 14,600DWT

F-1303 12,500DWT

F-1203 11,500DWT

F-1186 4,700DWT (Molten Sulphur)