We will continue to build Ships to carry the Dreams and Hopes of Humankind.


The environment surrounding shipbuilding industry is becoming increasingly severe because of intensification of order-taking competitions among domestic and foreign shipbuilding companies. Recent environmental regulations related to the shipping industry, such as regulations on emissions of global warming gases and opaqueness of world economy, have a lso served to add to the bleakness for the shipbuilding industry.

Under such backgrounds, we, Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. acquired shares of Watanabe Shipbuilding Co., Ltd . in January 2018 and Usuki Shipyard Co., Ltd. in April 2018, and we are now one group. This enables us to diversify the types of ship which we can build, and we can respond more flexibly to meet the several demand s in the market changes.

Fukuoka Prefecture holds the biggest city and also the center of economics and politics in Kyushu, Oita Prefecture is surrounded by rias coasts and Nagasaki Prefecture is blessed with a good quality of ports. In these 3 places which are rich in variety, our shipbuilding group is making efforts for building ships to carry the hopes and the dreams of humankind.

Our extensive experiences in building Chemical Tankers which are our main products, as well as Oil Tankers, Cement Carrie rs, LPG Carriers, Ro-Ro Ships, Multi-Purpose Cargo Ships, Reefers, Bulk Carriers and Ferry Ships, and advanced technologies are relied on and are highly respected inside and outside of Japan.

We will make good use of each characters of our shipyards, achieve maximum economies o f scale as a one group and build ships which can provide the further satisfactions with our customers all over the world now and in the future.